Aug 08 2017

Vibrating Abundance

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We all want abundance in our lives. Whether it is wealth, a loving relationship, or a thriving career…we want to experience the joy of having it all. Maybe you’ve tried to use the Law of Attraction, based on the immutable Law of Vibration. Perhaps you’ve written the affirmations, made the vision board and done the work. You are waiting for results, but you haven’t achieved success. It’s frustrating when your efforts at manifestation don’t happen. Maybe you’re missing something.  Take a moment to consider what it might be.

You must be patient. When things aren’t happening according to your time schedule, don’t let doubt stand in your way. When you are projecting a vibration of confidence and belief in your success, you are allowing all you desire to come to you. BUT…when seeds of doubt creep in, everything stops. The creative source of the universe responds to your confidence and your doubt! Imagine you were taking a road trip. You set your course believing that if you continue on the highway, you will arrive at your destination. You don’t doubt, stop or turn back. You follow your plan. Don’t annoy yourself by asking, “Am I there yet? Am I there yet?”

You must take action. You need to actively participate in the process of bringing about your desire. It’s important to make a plan, set realistic goals and follow through. You must hold yourself accountable. Lying around dreaming about how it feels to live your dream life is just not enough. Believe in your success and you will take action.

You must pay attention to your thoughts. You can never get rich by thinking about being poor. You can never get thin by thinking about being fat. It is far more powerful to be “for” something than to be “against” it. If you are thinking thoughts of lack, then that is what you are calling into existence. Instead of thinking about what you don’t want, think about what you do want. And when you are thinking…notice the emotion you are feeling. The emotion is the fuel. Good thoughts create motivation. Good thoughts create good results.

Your thoughts create your energetic vibration. You are like a broadcasting tower for a TV station, sending your thoughts out into the universe. Like attracts like. Your soulmate. Your employer. Your experiences. You attracted all of it. You can learn to control your mental vibration at will. You can choose your thoughts. You can attract what you want.

You must align with your goals. Wayne Dyer says, “Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.”  When we are tuned into the vibration, we are in alignment with what we want. When you are taking the steps to achieve a goal, check in with yourself. Are you in alignment with it? Have you made progress? Does it feel good to continue? Don’t force yourself to continue, if you decide to take a different approach.

You must face the truth of what you have created in your life. And what you have not. Whether you are creating consciously or subconsciously, you are responsible for your creations. In the subtle field of energy, you attract what you are aligned with. Sometimes it’s difficult to accept that you “attracted” a bad relationship or unemployment or disease. Realize that what you put in, you get out. In order to achieve your goals, you must act with true integrity.

It is imperative that you control your thinking. You must focus on the positive and on what you want. This allows you to be in vibrational alignment with your goals. Your energetic signature or your emotional vibrational frequency is your magnetic force, attracting that with which you are aligned. Consider the “why” and the “what” of your goal. Trust that your vibrational force will attract the “how”, “who”, “where” and “when”.

It’s not that all the “bad” things will disappear. Things happen. Your life is affected by outside forces. Your perception of them can change. Your choices can change. Your actions can change. Your vibration can change. It’s a choice you make.





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Dec 30 2015

Flip Your Switch

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Do you know what a switchword is? The term was introduced by Sigmund Freud in 1905, but it wasn’t until 1963 that Chicago-based ad man, James T Mangan, devised the first list of switchwords. These “magic” words were published in his book, The Secret of Perfect Living.   Apparently, these words are universal flip switches in 95 -100% of people.

A switchword is just an everyday word that “switchs on” your subconscious mind. Since your subconscious mind controls your actions and decisions, it is in your best interest to talk directly to it when you want to make a change in your life. You may be familiar with affirmations which help you to program yourself for success. An affirmation is a positive choice and goal statement, written in the first person present tense format. It is a contract with yourself about doing something specific.

An effective affirmation must include your goal or desire as well as the emotions you will feel when you have attained the goal. An example might be, “I am surprised and delighted that I am receiving cash and income from new and unexpected sources.” By using cursive handwriting, or scripting, when you write your affirmations, you bypass the critical area of mind which allows the thoughts and ideas to directly enter the subconscious mind. As you accept this new program into your consciousness, you begin to release the old program, moving one step closer to the life you want. A switchword is a one-word affirmation or a one-word creative declaration. It brings your creative energy into a greater focus in the now moment. A switchword contains the essence of an experience, a condition or a feeling. Switch words bypass the active mind and directly plant the idea into the subconscious mind and manifestation takes place. This saves a lot of time and energy.

When you declare, affirm, chant, sing, or even just consciously think and mentally focus or “intend” the switchword, the desired result will appear. It works just like turning on a light with a switch. There are five essential switchwords I suggest you think about every day.

  1. James Mangan discovered that the switchword TOGETHER is the master key. The word is a hypnotic suggestion of oneness with All That Is. It opens the door to the Akashic records, the vast storehouse of knowledge that is within. Mangan believed that TOGETHER is the Master switchword for “a life of heaven on Earth and mastery of any task at hand”. The word brings you together within yourself, aligning conscious, subconscious and superconscious mind.
  2. REACH helps you to find things – lost objects, solutions to problems, forgotten information, ideas and inspiration. Some aspect of you knows, and REACH helps makes the connection!
  3. DIVINE helps you to increase your personal ability and create extraordinary accomplishments. DIVINE works miracles.
  4. BE helps you to be at peace and to be in a state of physical wellness. It shields you from negativity.
  5. COUNT helps you to make money and brings financial abundance.

You may have a personal switchword that is very powerful in helping you to focus on your goals. Using switchwords is a simple and very effective way to enjoy increased creative power. It is fun and satisfying to accomplish your goals and increase your prosperity. We can all use a little help with mastering life. A switchword is a good place to begin.




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Oct 06 2015

Do You Want to Think Like a Genius?

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Did you ever wish that you could come up with answers to all of your problems? Do you want to think more creatively like Einstein or Leonardo Da Vinci or Steve Jobs? Geniuses think a little differently than the average guy. And you can learn how to do that too!

The first step is to look at a problem from many different points of view. A genius is receptive to new ideas, new relationships and new experiences. You reach a higher level of consciousness when you achieve new levels of understanding. Einstein told us, “You cannot solve a problem with the same type of thinking that is creating it.” You must step out of the box. Pretend to be someone else. What might they do differently than you have done?

Next, you must persist. Thomas Edison, who tried more than 10,000 times to create the lightbulb, said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” You must not be afraid to fail! Geniuses do not give up when things get difficult. They are driven by their desires.

You must visualize. Einstein said that all of his most important thinking was done by “combinatory play” with images in his mind. He said that it was a way of sifting through data, perceptions and materials to come up with combinations that are new and useful. Since visual thinking uses the right side of the brain, it presents new problem-solving abilities. Visualization is a skill you can develop. Practice. It’s fun.

You must use your imagination. Einstein believed that you could stimulate thought by allowing imagination to run wild. He also performed “thought experiments” which requires you to ask yourself a question and then visualize a situation and perform experimental action to see what happens. You need not perform a direct experiment if you use your imagination. Remember the mind doesn’t know the difference between what you imagine and what you perceive to be reality.

You must have the courage to ask questions. Successful people ask better questions. Develop your curiosity. Think about the solutions rather than the problem. Ask yourself, “What can I learn from my situation?” Or, “What can I do differently?” You must play with ideas with a sense of childlike wonder. Ask “Why?”

You become what you think about. Your life is the visible representation of the invisible thoughts in your mind. Whatever you focus your thoughts upon, becomes your reality. The Wright brothers focused their thoughts, time and talents on building a machine that could fly. Bill Gates concentrated on building a personal computer. All geniuses use the Law of Attraction, creating a reality aligned with their thoughts.

And most of all, in order to think like a genius, do what you love! The most successful people in the world, genius or not, find work that inspires them. Creating your life is fun when you are in control. And you are always in control of your thoughts. No one else is living in your head!

So, now that you know how to think like a genius, what are you going to do about it? It has been said that it is the willingness to explore all approaches that is important. Even after you have found a promising one, keep looking. There may be more and better ideas. I suggest that you give yourself permission to play with some new ideas and consider some new possibilities. Experiment with yourself. Direct your subconscious mind to explore.




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Jan 06 2015

A Dream or A Vision?

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The elevator to success is out of order. You'll have to take one step at a time.

The elevator to success is out of order. You’ll have to take one step at a time.


“The difference between a dreamer and a visionary is that the visionary takes steps to make the dream happen.” ~ Ron Fox

A vision gives you a big picture of life. It’s like a road map that guides your direction or a blueprint that shows you the steps you need to take. It helps you to get to where you want to go. A vision can give your life meaning. It can inspire you and fuel you with energy and passion. Holding a vision connects you to your destiny.

A vision can help you to focus on what is important to you. When you focus, you broadcast a clear message out into the world. You attract resources you need. You find support from others who may share your vision. You make your dreams become your reality.

Perhaps your vision is unclear. You’re uncertain about what you want. If you don’t care, it doesn’t matter much. You’ll create by default. Your life will be a reflection of what others have told you about who you are and what you should do. You will have accepted limitations and false beliefs. You will follow a path without a clear vision of where it goes. And you may not like it when you get there!

I invite you to create a vision of the life you want to live. You know the one. You’ve glimpsed it. You’ve had flashes of inspiration and bliss. It’s a life that is unique to you and you are the only one who has all the qualifications to make it an amazing success. If you are a musician, you must make music. If you are an artist, you must create. Whatever you are, you must be you. You must do it in order to be at peace with yourself.

When you are ready to take the steps from vision to reality, do this:

  1. You must define it. Begin by being specific in defining your personal vision of success. Whatever you feel you are seeking, from material goods to better interpersonal relationships, visualize it for yourself. When you have a clear definition of success, it becomes more real to you. You become comfortable with the future you are creating.
  1. You must truly want it. Get in touch with the desire, the longing that is attached to a particular goal. Allow yourself to feel all the emotions attached to this vision of success. As you imagine, bring to mind the feeling of success and accomplishment. Experience the emotional response to the outcome. When you are in touch with your feelings about your goals, you set the creative process in motion. Thought + Emotion = Physical Manifestation.
  1. You must believe it is possible. “For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don’t believe, no proof is possible.” ~ John & Lyn St. Clair Thomas
  1. You must accept that it will happen. Successful change requires self-acceptance, a positive attitude and the ability to concentrate on and develop your strengths. When you tell yourself you can and will, you have taken the first step towards accomplishing what you want to accomplish. And you will find that you can and will accomplish your goal.

The Mind Matters. There is no limitation to mind power and the ability to direct it to make positive things happen. Are you ready to experience your vision? It starts with the first step.


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Aug 05 2014

Pennies From Heaven

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pennies from heaven


Allowing and accepting are valuable tools for building abundance. You could be receiving cash and income from unexpected sources and not even recognize it. You must be open to receive. Live your life in eager anticipation for the good that is coming your way. Every penny counts. Count your blessings.

I recently spoke with a man about residual checks he has been receiving. Most of the checks were less than $1; in fact the average was worth only about 15 cents. Although he has been saving them he had no intention of cashing them. Apparently he thought they weren’t worth the effort of signing and depositing into his account.

I was puzzled by his actions. Surely he knew that the checks had value and he wanted to receive abundance in his life. Yet he didn’t recognize it when it was being handed to him! He actually resisted it, instead of allowing it. I pointed out to him that the Universe was always looking for ways to give him whatever he wanted. It was important to recognize this and to be grateful for each and every way that abundance was showing up. Including 15 cents at a time! Literally, pennies from heaven! After our conversation, he planned to cash the checks. He’ll deposit them into a savings account so he can receive all that is coming to him.

On another occasion, a woman spoke to me about a dividend check she had received. Although her father had passed many years ago, a sum was now being given to his estate. Obviously, she was taken by surprise. She imagined that it might be a substantial sum. She considered that this sum may be just the first installment and there would be more to follow. She received $450. She felt disappointed, as if she had been cheated out of her imaginary windfall. A mere $450 wasn’t really worth getting excited about.

I thought she should be excited. $450 handed to her! I asked her if there was something the money would enable her to do or if there was something she wanted to purchase. I encouraged her to consider something that related to her dad. She decided to have some family photos restored, matted and framed. Now, she is reminded of the unexpected abundance she received and feels the gratitude for it. It made her happy to think that her dad was still showering her with gifts. And she is reminded of it whenever she sees the photos.

Allowing yourself to consider the little miracles in your life is a way to open yourself up to receive more. Being aware of the flow of abundance permits you to perceive it more fully and gratefully.

When something is given to us, often we resist because it isn’t packaged the way we expect it to be. It doesn’t look like it’s supposed to look. It’s not the right size. It’s not good enough. You may resist not only pennies from heaven, but a better career, environment or relationship. When you recognize that every opportunity is a choice, you can decide to just say “yes”. Stop resisting your good! Allow it to flow and know that more is on the way!

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Apr 18 2014

What does it mean to “manifest”?

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Consider this… “She manifested signs of depression” – In other words…She displayed the evidence of her thoughts.  Her invisible world of negative thoughts and emotions showed up; it became visible and revealed itself to the outside world.

Or consider this…“She manifested a joyful life.”  Different thoughts create different results. All thoughts create therefore all thoughts manifest. What are you thinking?

Manifestation is the end result of creative thought. It is the reveal, the evidence, the reflection of the nature and the focus of your thoughts. It is the visible demonstration of the invisible.

Bruce Lipton is a developmental biologist in the field of behavioral epigenetics, He is known for promoting the idea that genes and DNA can be manipulated by a person’s beliefs. He says, We are today beginning to see work by very reputable scientists that says the universe is created by our observations. It is not a coincidence; we are actively involved in physically shaping the world that we experience.”

Another example…“His positive potential is manifested by his successful business” – Stated another way…He showed evidence of his thoughts. His business was proof of his potential. He established himself as a success. His business is a visible indication of his thoughts. His business is a sign of his potential, a reflection of him.

Manifestation is the physical display and presentation of your thoughts. It is the materialization, evidence and reflection of what you are thinking. Manifestation is proof – a visible reflection of the emotional and mental realms showing up in the physical world. It is the outward demonstration of your thoughts and beliefs about what you deserve and what you believe you are worthy of experiencing.

It is a symptom of your thoughts – good and bad.

This is good news! If you recognize that you are constantly in manifestation mode, you become more aware of the power of your thoughts. When you recognize your power, you use it to your advantage. You become more conscious of what you are thinking. You know that The Mind Matters!

And now for more good news! You are in control of your thoughts each and every moment. You actually make a choice about what you focus your thoughts upon. And you have the power to make a different choice if you want to create a different result or experience.

Viktor Frankl tells us, Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

When you think a thought – any thought, good or bad – it has the power to show up in your life. The proof could show up as catastrophic illness or vibrant health; it may manifest as overwhelming lack or great abundance. Bad thoughts can destroy relationships and careers. Good ones can create adventure and delight. You can be certain your invisible thought will become a visible reflection of itself. It’s just the way it works. You Think. You Create.

Don Miguel Ruiz tells us, “The dream you are living is your creation. It is your perception of reality that you can change at any time. You have the power to create hell, and you have the power to create heaven. Why not dream a different dream? Why not use your mind, your imagination, and your emotions to dream heaven?”

Again, I ask, what are you thinking?




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Aug 30 2012

From Thought to Form

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I stroll along the water’s edge. The waves lap at my feet and splash against the shore. Chilly yet inviting. My toes sink into the wet sand. It holds me securely as I gaze out to sea. Such beauty in my world. The islands stretch along the horizon, peeking out from the haze. Behind me the Topa Topas mountains rise.  To my right are the foothills and to my left is Boney Ridge. Home. I am surrounded by the beauty of nature. It feeds my soul. Wow! I am lucky to call the Gold Coast of California my home! 

Gratitude fills me. Gratitude for my life. My family and friends. I have such love in my life. Such joy and abundance. I am blessed beyond words. 

I walk. I watch. A few people pass by and nod in greeting. Dogs joyfully chase sticks and wag their tails. Birds cry and dive and scurry. The winged ones.  My beach. My world. I am so thankful for all that I have and all that I am.


I look down and something catches my eye. Among the stones strewn about by the tide, there is one shaped like a heart. I reach out to pick it up, struck by the awesome beauty of manifestation…of thought into form; of God’s presence in my life; of the Law of Attraction and the power to create. I cry and dance and sing out “Thank You! Thank you for this gift!” 

All thought comes into form. It happens with focus. Pay attention! There are treasures to discover. Whatever you are thinking about, you are creating.



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Jun 28 2010

Healing the Waters

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Sometimes we can be overwhelmed by the news of the day. We feel helpless, frustrated, angry. Right now, most of us are suffering negative emotions whenever we consider what is happening in the Gulf of Mexico. The natural and economic damages done by the oil spill are catastrophic. Although our emotions are justified, we may be of greater assistance to our planet if we sincerely, powerfully and humbly focus on what we want.

Dr. Masaru Emoto, author of Hidden Messages in Water, has done extensive research about the characteristics of water and how, among other things, water physically responds to emotions. In light of the disaster, he has proposed the following prayer for the Gulf situation.

“I send the energy of love and gratitude to the water and all the living creatures in the Gulf of Mexico and its surroundings.

To the whales, dolphins, pelicans, fish, shellfish, planktons, corals, algae and all living creatures…..I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.”

We are not powerless. We are powerful. Our united energy, speaking this prayer daily…multiple times daily….can literally create a shift in the balance of destruction. Thoughts create things.

We don’t need to understand “how”. We just need to believe in the power of love, which is greater than any power active in the Universe today.

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Nov 03 2009

The “Secret” Law of Conscious Creation

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As civilized members of society, we are expected to follow the rules and abide by the laws. By doing so, we are able to enjoy and support that society. We learn about these rules throughout our lives. There are rules to follow at home, at school, at our place of worship and on the road. There are laws that govern all aspects of our lives. When we obey the laws and follow the rules, we enjoy the benefits. There are local laws, state laws, federal laws and international laws but there is no law that is more powerful than the Universal Law of Attraction.  Each one of us, whether we are aware of this law or not; each one of us, whether we consciously choose to be or not, are governed by this law. There are no exceptions.

The Law of Attraction states that whatever we are thinking about, we will attract into our life, whether we want it or not! We could almost call this law the Law of Creation, because what we are thinking about is what we are creating. What we are feeling about what we are thinking is how the creation process begins. Emotions help to create reality. When we believe in something, and when we love, desire, and want it, we create it more quickly. If there is anything we want to experience, we need to focus upon it. Whatever we turn our attention to, we will create.       

As energy, every single thought directly and instantly influences the quantum field. Quantum physics has shown that everything in the Universe, in all dimensions of life and reality, ultimately is made up of “quanta”, of Energy, vibration. This Energy is integral to everything in existence. When something is observed, imagined, visualized… “quanta” come together to form sub-atomic particles, which in turn become atoms, then molecules until finally something manifests in the physical world. “Quanta” never, ever differentiate between what we want and what we don’t want. They merely respond to and obey our thoughts. Ask and it is given. No exceptions. Conscious creation is the basis of the Law of Attraction. Isn’t it interesting that the most effective way to consciously create something is to use the imagining powers of the subconscious Mind?

As human beings, all we do is create experiences. There is nothing else we do. In order to create an experience, we must first imagine it. As we focus on what we want, our thought energy (traveling at the speed of light!) has creative power. The subconscious mind accepts whatever we are imagining in our inner world and uses it to create our outer experience in reality.

The world of images is the source of power in our physical world. The images direct the Energy in our body. Imagining what we want is like creating a model before we build the real thing. We need to dream, but dreams are too big to realize all at once. Dreams come a size too large so we can grow into them. They must be broken down into manageable pieces. Pieces which can be created right Now. Always think as you wish things to be. Now.

And as you are thinking about what you want right Now, remember the Universe responds to absolute terms rather than any human concept. When you are dreaming, always be aware of a statement that implies the future tense and change it into the present tense. So, “I will” becomes “I am”… “I want” becomes “I have”… and “I might” becomes “I do”.

Also keep in mind that the Universe does not understand the concept of “try”. We either do something in the present Now or we do nothing. “Try” simply does not exist.

The Universe responds to Now. Everything is happening right Now. If you are remembering the past, you are doing it Now. If you are planning for the future, you are doing it Now. There is Only the Eternal Now.

Remember when you obey the laws, you enjoy the benefits. Thoughts are creative energy. Think only of what you want. Now. Be a Conscious Creator.

Hypnosis and Imagery are incredibly powerful tools to access the visionary power of your subconscious mind. When your mind is in the Alpha state, you are more creative and focused and better able to imagine your ideal way of being. As you imagine your ideal, you are emotionally connected to that image right Now. The process allows you to speak more clearly to the Universe, because whether you believe or not, it is listening to your every thought. Choose the good ones.

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