Nov 03 2009

Art & Hypnosis – Ancient Forms of Healing

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I am an artist. I create as a means of expressing my thoughts, feelings and ideas. I create as a means of sharing. Art is a powerful and effective form of communication. We all need to communicate. We all need to share our feelings. We all need art.

The need to make art is a basic human urge. It is a trait as natural as language and sex. Early writing often consisted of pictures. Ancient humans used art not only to decorate but to create magic, to protect themselves from evil and harm, to express and control powerful emotions and to prepare themselves for coming events.

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Images are the language of emotions. The language of visual art – colors, shapes, lines and textures – speaks to us in ways that words do not. Art is a means of connecting our thoughts, feelings and perceptions with our life experiences.

Art is more than ornamentation. Cultures through the ages have been defined and understood by their art. Art tells our personal stories.  We make our feelings, thoughts, experiences, values and beliefs, visible through art. In the process, we are offered a way to know ourselves from a new perspective and an opportunity to transform that perspective.

Did you know that art and hypnotherapy have a lot in common? Painting, sketching or even scribbling are simple activities that can soothe you, release stress and give pleasure. These methods of self-expression can change your state of being and tap your intuitive and creative powers. Art and hypnosis both alter your consciousness.

Both art and hypnosis are ancient forms of healing. Each can help to solve problems, release powerful emotions, or alleviate pain. Each promotes growth, self-expression and transformation. Both are powerful tools.

I am an artist, but my focus has broadened. I’ve learned some things along the way. I’ve learned the art of teaching people not only lessons in art but lessons in life. I’ve learned to teach people how to achieve their dreams.

Hypnotherapy can change behaviors and perceptions. It can change your tomorrows by simply changing your programming today. Hypnotherapy is a method of communicating your conscious desires and dreams directly to the subconscious mind, your personal goal-achieving machine, the 88% of your mind that controls your behavior.

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