Nov 03 2009

Music: A Healing Sound

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Music is more than a universal form of entertainment. Music is the soundtrack of our lives. It sets the mood. Music, like all art forms, is creative expression as well as a form of healing.        

In ancient Greece, Pythagoras, who discovered that music could be expressed in numbers and mathematical theories, founded a school where students were trained to release worry, fear, anger and sorrow through singing and playing musical instruments.    

Music is a fundamental part of all religions, from hymns to mantras to chants, because it encourages higher states of consciousness. Dr. Alfred Tomatis, known as the “Einstein of sound”, theorizes that sacred chants actually “charge” the cortex of the brain. Tomatis believes “all cranial nerves lead to the ear, which explains why soothing musical harmonics not only induce states of deep relaxation, but directly affect breathing, the voice, the heart rate and digestion.”  (Vegetarian Times, “The Sound of Healing” Suzanne Gerber, March, 1998)

Dr Mitchell Gaynor, director of medical oncology and integrative medicine at New York’s Strang Cancer Prevention Center, uses guided imagery, meditation and sound, voice and tone. Believing that breathing is critical to well-being, he states, “Besides their vibrational impact, voice and tone are just another way to get the therapeutic value of breathing.” (Vegetarian Times, “The Sound of Healing” Suzanne Gerber, March, 1998)

Our bodies are rhythmic. Our hearts beat. Our blood flows. Our lungs breathe in patterns. It comes as no surprise that our bodies respond to the rhythms of music. Pulses of sound correspond with brain-wave frequencies. The frequency of the beats affects our level of consciousness.

We are driven to express ourselves and elevate our consciousness through the arts. It is a powerful and compelling need. The people of Sarajevo proved this when despite constant shelling and sniper fire, “they held concerts, maintained orchestras and choirs, and at one point, turned a destroyed theater into an exhibition space for art created out of materials from the city’s destruction.” (Cathy Malchiodi, “The Art Therapy Sourcebook” Lowell House, 1998)

Art helps us to transcend daily life. It brings wholeness and personal satisfaction to our lives. Creative outlets help you develop and better understand yourself. Art is a way of sharing your self with others, a way of sharing your truth.

If you are feeling “out of sync”, unable to keep up with the pressures of your busy lifestyle, consider the healing benefits of expressing yourself through the arts. Being creative is not just for artists, musicians or writers. Everyone has the potential to do things in a new way.

Your subconscious mind, the 88% of your mind that controls your behavior, can provide you with new insights. Hypnotherapy can help you to access your creative spirit.  It can help you move to a whole new beat. When you listen to your inner voice, your heart will sing.

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