Nov 19 2007

A Healthy Attitude of Gratitude

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If you think of something that makes you very, very happy… If you imagine sharing special moments with a loved one….If you bring to mind an exceptionally pleasant memory… 


Do these thoughts create an emotion? Does the emotion bring a feeling into your body? Are you aware of a change in your physical sense of well being? Perhaps you’ve already begun to smile. Notice where you experience this feeling in your body.

As you become aware of this feeling and focus on it, you are in a state of gratitude. As you acknowledge your appreciation, every cell is reacting to your thoughts. Your positive emotions create this blissful feeling in your physical body. At that moment, you are in a state of conscious creation. At that moment, you are energetically aligned with your good thoughts. The Universe responds to your joy by bringing you more of the same.

As we enter the season of thankfulness, it is wise to spend time focusing on the positive experiences and the loving relationships in our lives. Now is the time to recognize and acknowledge the abundance in our daily lives. Now is the time to do that daily, moment by moment, not just once a year at Thanksgiving. Creation is an on-going process which is fueled and supported by gratitude.

Celebrate and harvest all that life has to offer. Allow yourself to take advantage of the bounty of everyday. Be conscious of your thoughts. Choose the good ones. And be glad! Your body will thank you for it!

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