Nov 28 2007

Your Thoughts Create Your Emotions~Your Extended Energy Body

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Your Thoughts Create Your Emotions~
Your Emotions Create Your Physical Experience ~
An Introduction to Your Extended Energy Body

As a being, you are so much more than your physical body. Are you aware that your physical body is actually an outward expression of your thoughts? Our physical bodies are energetic maps. The body acts as a mirror for the higher mind, showing where there is balance or imbalance. Consider that your thoughts are directing your conscious decisions about how and what you eat, how active you choose to be and how you deal with stress. Each of these conscious actions can create a state of well-being, or a state of dis-ease.

The physical human body has other bodies surrounding it, each in its essence, vibration. As the bodies extend out from the core physical body, they become increasingly more fine in vibration. Even the densest matter is composed mostly of empty space. The body is actually 99+% void! If an atom in the body were the size of an apple, the next closest atom to it would be 1000-2000 miles away.

The Physical Body contains all our organic systems and is composed of gases, liquids and dense matter. It experiences life by the earthly senses of sight, sound, touch, smell and taste. Consider the physical body as no more than a vehicle, a vessel, in which to travel. We need our physical body to live, but we are not our physical body.

The Etheric (health) Body projects about one quarter inch beyond the skin, usually no more than a foot. It is the thickest and densest of the subtle bodies. It is a perfect duplicate of the physical body. It distributes the universal life force (prana) through the chakras or energy centers. It acts as a two way bridge between the physical and the astral plane, between mass and energy. This subtle body is the nonphysical psychic body that is superimposed on our physical bodies. It exists within and around all living plants and animals and can be measured as an electromagnetic force field. The nadis and meridians, the nerve ending centers used in acupuncture and acupressure techniques, are located at this level.

The Astral (emotional) Body is a half to two-foot band that extends beyond the etheric double and is usually visible to those who can see auras. It is the vehicle of sensation and emotion and is made up of our desires. This is where energy gets blocked and imploded. Whenever you express an emotion you are using your astral body. Every feeling instantly affects this body and is reflected in it. Every thought that affects you personally is also reflected on this body. It connects the physical body to the mind and connects the conscious mental level above it to the etheric double below it.

The Mental (lower/intellectual and higher/intuitive) Body projects beyond the astral body and is also contained within the astral, etheric and physical body. It is composed of the lower (intellectual) and the higher (intuitive) aura bands. The difference between the layers is the difference between concrete and abstract thoughts. The lower mental body is the rational, thinking mind, whereas the higher mental body is the imaginative, superconscious mind. This body is constantly in motion, changing. Whenever you use your intellect, memory or visualization, you are using your mental body, Thoughts and attitudes are crucial to well-being and health.

The Spiritual Body, composed of three aura layers (the Monadic, the Godhead and the Divine) is felt in experiences of oneness and transcendence. In quantum theory, it is the spaces between atoms. Meditation and altered states of consciousness is the way to connect with this body.

Science agrees that more than 70% of all dis-ease is mind-related with no organic cause. As we understand more about the mind-body connection, we are better able to create health and well-being.


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