Dec 04 2012

Imaginal Cells – The Butterfly Experience

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“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was ending, he turned into a butterfly.”   ~Proverb

When a caterpillar buries itself inside its cocoon, it begins the transformation into a butterfly. While inside, the caterpillar literally turns into a pile of goop. At no point would you find a caterpillar beginning to sprout wings.  The pre-existing cells of the caterpillar don’t change into new butterfly cells; the new cells seem to appear out of nowhere. These are called imaginal cells.

When the imaginal cells begin to awaken, they are instinctively drawn to one another. As they connect, they become the genetic directors of the future butterfly. It appears that less than 50% of the imaginal cells must connect in order for the transformation to take place. At that crucial point, the old cells provide nourishment for the new ones.

As the process continues, some imaginal cells change into wing cells or antenna cells and so on. No longer imaginal cells, they become specific tissue cells. And when the process is done, only butterfly cells remain. The transformation is complete.

Sometimes change can feel like the world is ending. Change can be scary. The unknown and unfamiliar make us feel tense and anxious. But if we pay attention to the miracle of the butterfly, it can teach us that change is a beautiful thing! The life that you imagine is the life you live.

Change begins when you imagine it. You want to stop doing something or start doing something. Or maybe you want to do something differently. Change comes when you release the old limiting patterns, beliefs and judgments that no longer serve you. When you release old patterns, you are able to become aware of who you are right now. You bring more balance to your being.

Change allows you to integrate new information and insights. You are able to retain what is valuable, meaningful and applicable to your life. And you are able to make it better because you know more. Change is a reflection of new wisdom. Once you become aware of something, it is impossible to become unaware. You make more conscious choices which reflect who you are becoming.

Change helps you to see things in a new way and from a different perspective. You gain clarity which allows you to move forward in a positive direction. You believe in yourself and you learn to fly.

There may have been a time in your life when you wanted to retreat into your cocoon or a time when you felt like a pile of goop. If that happens again, remember the butterfly and begin to imagine yourself into a new way of being.

When you retreat into the natural meditative state of hypnosis, you create a cocoon where you are able to transform your life. Your subconscious mind is the source of your imaginal cells. It lies beneath the surface waiting for your conscious command.

Are you ready to dream your world into being and awaken your ideal self? Your imaginal cells are like quiet little thoughts that excite you. You will know if you are to grow or change. These recurring thoughts will haunt and inspire you. They will cluster together forming cells of healing, cells of growth and cells of becoming someone different than who you used to be…an improved version of yourself.

There is no need to fear change. You are simply having a butterfly experience. You may not know what is going on…unsure of who you are and who you no longer want to be. It may not be an easy thing to set yourself free, but it is your right and your responsibility to claim the beauty within and share it with the world.

Are you ready to dream your world into being and awaken your ideal self? I’m ready to guide you through your vision quest and celebrate your flight. Make the time to sit in silence and grow wings. The world is waiting for you.




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