Mar 23 2010

MoneyScripts and Stress

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In the June 2009 issue of Psychology Today it was reported that a survey done by the American Psychological Association in September 2008 indicated that 8 out of 10 people rated money as the top cause of stress in their lives.

Volatile markets create fear which creates a fight/flight survival response. We subconsciously seek safety. Our modern day response of fight has become anxiety which can create a behavior of hoarding based on fear and loss. Conversely, flight has evolved into depression which may result in spending and splurging so we won’t feel poor.

It benefits us when we explore our thoughts and beliefs about money. We have individual moneyscripts and we share cultural moneyscripts. These scripts are programmed by the hidden messages we have received about money. We may believe “There will always be enough” or it may be that our belief is that “There will never be enough”. Our belief creates our reality. 

Mike Harris, host of The Real Estate Life on KFWB 980, CBS radio asked me to join him to share my views about our subconscious moneyscripts, and how we can separate our self worth from our net worth. If you’d like to listen in, go to the archives at:

Perhaps you can break through your fear – false evidence appearing real – and choose to explore and expose your attitudes about money. When creating financial abundance and success – The Mind Matters!

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