Oct 29 2009

Change Your Mind. Change Your Body.

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“The key to permanent weight loss is changing the attitudes, feelings and habits that determine what, when, why, how often and how much you eat.” (“You Can Think Yourself Thin” by Dianne Hales, Parade Magazine, January, 2005).

 Dr. Dean Ornish, author of Eat More, Weigh Less, says, “People don’t overeat because they’re hungry, but as a way of meeting their emotional needs and making it through the day.”

 Behavioral techniques such as visualization and affirmations are very useful tools to change your thinking. Visualization can break the habit of emotional eating. When you imagine yourself as slender and physically fit, you’re less likely to reach for an unhealthy snack to make yourself feel better. You are also more likely to exercise to maintain the visualized level of fitness. In addition, decades of psychological research has shown affirmations (positive, motivational phrases) can serve as an effective tool and create a positive mind-set, which is the key to creating change.

 Would you like to discover how to identify and feed your emotional needs?  Would you like to learn to nourish yourself in a loving and healthy way? Are you ready to make changes in the way you think about food? Would you like to love and accept your body? Hypnosis can help you to visualize your ideal self. Behavior modification can help you to make the right choices. Are you ready to help yourself change?

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