Nov 03 2009

The “Secret” Law of Conscious Creation

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As civilized members of society, we are expected to follow the rules and abide by the laws. By doing so, we are able to enjoy and support that society. We learn about these rules throughout our lives. There are rules to follow at home, at school, at our place of worship and on the road. There are laws that govern all aspects of our lives. When we obey the laws and follow the rules, we enjoy the benefits. There are local laws, state laws, federal laws and international laws but there is no law that is more powerful than the Universal Law of Attraction.  Each one of us, whether we are aware of this law or not; each one of us, whether we consciously choose to be or not, are governed by this law. There are no exceptions.

The Law of Attraction states that whatever we are thinking about, we will attract into our life, whether we want it or not! We could almost call this law the Law of Creation, because what we are thinking about is what we are creating. What we are feeling about what we are thinking is how the creation process begins. Emotions help to create reality. When we believe in something, and when we love, desire, and want it, we create it more quickly. If there is anything we want to experience, we need to focus upon it. Whatever we turn our attention to, we will create.       

As energy, every single thought directly and instantly influences the quantum field. Quantum physics has shown that everything in the Universe, in all dimensions of life and reality, ultimately is made up of “quanta”, of Energy, vibration. This Energy is integral to everything in existence. When something is observed, imagined, visualized… “quanta” come together to form sub-atomic particles, which in turn become atoms, then molecules until finally something manifests in the physical world. “Quanta” never, ever differentiate between what we want and what we don’t want. They merely respond to and obey our thoughts. Ask and it is given. No exceptions. Conscious creation is the basis of the Law of Attraction. Isn’t it interesting that the most effective way to consciously create something is to use the imagining powers of the subconscious Mind?

As human beings, all we do is create experiences. There is nothing else we do. In order to create an experience, we must first imagine it. As we focus on what we want, our thought energy (traveling at the speed of light!) has creative power. The subconscious mind accepts whatever we are imagining in our inner world and uses it to create our outer experience in reality.

The world of images is the source of power in our physical world. The images direct the Energy in our body. Imagining what we want is like creating a model before we build the real thing. We need to dream, but dreams are too big to realize all at once. Dreams come a size too large so we can grow into them. They must be broken down into manageable pieces. Pieces which can be created right Now. Always think as you wish things to be. Now.

And as you are thinking about what you want right Now, remember the Universe responds to absolute terms rather than any human concept. When you are dreaming, always be aware of a statement that implies the future tense and change it into the present tense. So, “I will” becomes “I am”… “I want” becomes “I have”… and “I might” becomes “I do”.

Also keep in mind that the Universe does not understand the concept of “try”. We either do something in the present Now or we do nothing. “Try” simply does not exist.

The Universe responds to Now. Everything is happening right Now. If you are remembering the past, you are doing it Now. If you are planning for the future, you are doing it Now. There is Only the Eternal Now.

Remember when you obey the laws, you enjoy the benefits. Thoughts are creative energy. Think only of what you want. Now. Be a Conscious Creator.

Hypnosis and Imagery are incredibly powerful tools to access the visionary power of your subconscious mind. When your mind is in the Alpha state, you are more creative and focused and better able to imagine your ideal way of being. As you imagine your ideal, you are emotionally connected to that image right Now. The process allows you to speak more clearly to the Universe, because whether you believe or not, it is listening to your every thought. Choose the good ones.

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