Aug 12 2010

Anger, Stress and Mel Gibson

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Mel Gibson has been in the news a lot lately. Allegedly, he has a little rage. We have reason to believe that he’s suffering from some anger management issues and life coping skills. We’ve been exposed to his mind, and it’s not pretty. He has some problems and he is seeking help. Mel has chosen to use hypnotherapy to take action to make some changes. He has enlisted the help of Australian hypnotherapist Rick Collingwood, who flew to the star’s US home for a 10 day treatment program. Collingwood told Radar-Online:  “I gave him sessions to help with the stress he’s obviously experiencing.”

It is well documented that hypnosis is extremely beneficial for helping to deal with stress and coping with the problems of everyday life. Collingwood added “Hypnosis can be used very effectively as a therapy for anything that is the human condition, to change behaviour and habits and also for self improvement.”

Anger and stress are toxic substances in your body. Adrenal fatigue, and an overload of the stress hormone, cortisol, leaves your body in a state of dis-ease. If stress and anger are experienced on a continuous basis, you may experience any number of health-related issues such as a compromised immune system and inflammation in your body. Over time, you may develop high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes to name just a few. Your thoughts (subconscious mind) create your health.

Although Mel is not a role model, he is a fellow human being. And he recognizes the power of the subconscious mind to create change, acceptance and a sense of peace and well-being. May he have tremendous success!

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