Jul 31 2010

Self-hypnosis for Children with Tourette

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Children with Tourette syndrome found help for their tics via sessions of self-hypnosis.

The Los Angeles Times reportsĀ a new study about children with Tourette syndrome has been published in the Journal of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics. By using sessions of self-hypnosis for help with their tics, 79% of the participants said their tic control had improved to a degree that they were satisfied with the technique.

Tourette syndrome is typically treated with medication. With all medication there are side effects. With pharmaceutical treatment comes the possibility of mild to severe side effects such as anxiety, weight gain and sluggishness. Teaching children relaxation techniques to create a state of self-hypnosis has no negative side effects. It does, however, have many, many positive effects. The confidence and self-esteem which results in being more in control of your behavior is priceless.

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