Nov 03 2009

The Gift of Inner Exploration…priceless…

Category: Self-Meditation & Mindfulness,Therapeutic ImageryPatricia @ 10:30 am

Hypnosis and Imagery are very powerful tools for your health and well-being. They are also tools for your enjoyment and exploration.

During hypnosis your physical body benefits from the natural effects of endorphins, the pleasure hormones that suppress pain sensations. You may feel as if you’ve experienced the benefits of a massage. The hypnotic state calms your emotions. It allows you to release tensions and reinforce positive feelings. Using Imagery, you can experience heightened senses by creating a sanctuary, a vacation for your spirit. Your mind becomes more focused, allowing you to create your future. Energy flows where your attention is directed. Your subconscious mind is a goal-achieving machine.

Consider the gift of a Hypnotherapy or Imagery session for that special person who has “everything”. Perhaps someone who could benefit from scheduled relaxation? How about someone who would like to improve their golf game? Or talk to their Inner Guide? Perhaps someone who wants to explore the possibility of a past life? Maybe someone who is about to celebrate a birthday or graduation or retirement?

Within an altered state of consciousness and a dreamship powered by unlimited imagination, it is possible to travel to any place on the planet… or beyond. It is possible to travel to any time…the past…the future…the in-between.  Create a journey of your choice.

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