May 31 2014

Harvesting Blueberries

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I’m so happy to report that I now enjoy picking blueberries in our garden in California. Thanks to the efforts of my son’s green thumb, we are experiencing a bumper crop! And I am loving it! Each little round blue morsel of goodness makes me smile.

Blueberries Before The Blue

Blueberries Before The Blue

For me, blueberries are so much more than a fruit. They are a symbol of the summer and the taste of childhood in New England.  The joy and abundance of the season picked fresh and greedily consumed by the handful. Blue dots hanging upon the lush green of the big bushes.  Clusters of juicy jewels beckon from bushes bigger than small hands can reach. Bursting with flavor, they are shoveled onto a tongue eagerly waiting for the sweet reward. And later, they find their way into muffins.

Blueberries are a connection. A bridge. A divine expression of now. Our blueberry bush is a knowing of the past and a belief in the future. When a gardener plants, there is a belief that there will be a harvest and that the gardener will be there to enjoy it. When a seed is planted, we trust that a plant will grow.

It’s important to note, that a seed is just like a thought. If you believe and trust, the thought will manifest into form and you will reap your harvest.

And I also need to point out…blueberries are blue! How special is that! Blue food! Even blue flowers are rare. Seems the color has been reserved for really special things. The sky and the ocean and the taste of summer.

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