Jul 15 2013

3 Ways to Create Happy

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Are you happy? If not, perhaps you need to practice. Happiness is relative. The external world is not the cause of your happiness. Research tells us that only 10% of your happiness is based on things, other people or experiences in the external world. The other 90% is based on how you perceive or process your internal world – your subconscious mind and your thoughts.

Be Happy Now

To activate the happiness energy, you only need to make small changes in your thoughts and actions to magnify the happiness within. It’s a matter of becoming more mindful.

1.            Take two minutes every day to think about something that makes you happy. Imagine all the details of the experience. When we re-Mind ourselves of past happiness, we enjoy all the benefits of the first time and double our joy. If we imagine being happy about something in the future, we experience the joy now because the mind doesn’t know the difference between what we imagine and what we perceive as reality.

2.            Be mindful and become aware of creating fun. Look for extraordinary ways to experience the ordinary. Make time for at least 15 minutes of active fun every day. Give yourself permission to play. Having fun is really good for you!

3.            Smile. Enjoy a shot of dopamine while you share it with others. Smiles are contagious, forming a network of happiness all around you. You receive the benefits as you give.

When we follow the rule of 21 days of action, we have created a new habit and programmed our subconscious mind to achieve our goal. We actually feel happier!

Happiness and Unhappiness is all about how you think about situations. Starting a happiness practice helps you to make that choice. Choose your thoughts. Choose your life. A happy one!



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