Oct 03 2010

The Present Moment

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“Confine yourself to the present.” ~ Marcus Aurelius (121-180 AD)

Marcus Aurelius believed happiness was to be achieved by living “according to nature” in harmony with the principle which orders the universe. A Roman emperor and philosopher who composed bits of wisdom in a work called Meditations, he believed that the serenity of someone who lived in the present moment could not be affected by misfortunes of the past or the fear of the future. 

Have you considered this? When you’re thinking about the past, you’re thinking about it now. When you’re thinking about the future, you’re thinking about it now. There is only the now.

Your thoughts are a constant stream of consciousness. They exist in the moment. And you are in control of your thoughts…in the moment. When you think about things in the past that disturb you, you create the same vibrational energy that you felt during that time in the past. Law of Attraction responds to your vibrational thought energy right now. The Universe responds to your focus and how you are feeling about it. Do you want to re-create past problems?

You get what you’re thinking about. When you think about things in the past that make you happy, you get the benefit of re-creating that vibrational energy now. When you’re thinking the happy thoughts in the present, it insures that you will be receiving more happy thoughts in the future! 

“The only way to deal with the future is to function efficiently in the now.” ~ Gina Bellin

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