Jul 08 2013

3 Aspects of a Goal

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  “There are a lot more people with wishbones than backbones.” ~ Mark Gomberg        Wishbone

Many times people’s goals are nothing but weak desires. They find ways and reasons to stay within their comfort zone. Sometimes, they put it off until it’s too late.

When you set a goal, it is important to consider that within that goal there are three different aspects of it. No matter if the goal is losing weight, starting a business or planning a trip, all three aspects need to be addressed before you can expect success.

The first part of the goal is the Result. This is the end outcome. I weigh 125 pounds. I have successfully opened my store. I am enjoying lunch at a Paris café.

The second part of the goal is the Process. This is what you must do in order to move toward your goal. Rome wasn’t built in a day. You must commit to the step by step Process to move toward the Result goal. I make healthy choices at each meal time. I commit to 8 hours of focus on my business. I set aside an hour each day to plan my trip.

The third part of the goal is the Feeling. I think this is the key ingredient to your success. The desire creates the emotion which sets the Process in motion. Ask yourself…how do I want to Feel when I’m doing the Process goal? You may find that you don’t want to do the steps of the Process goal. It may appear too difficult. Or you may not believe it’s possible. Perhaps you have a fear of success or you have created limitations to your life.

Your Feelings about doing the Process to achieve the Results is the beginning of your success. It’s not about making wishes, its about making dreams happen. Do you expect the Result and are you willing to accept that anything you set your mind to accomplish is possible?  When it comes to achieving goals with grace and ease, The Mind Matters!

And the time to get started is Now!



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