Jan 09 2012

A poem by Tony Haynes

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Recently, I met a brilliant and gifted man named Tony Haynes (http://www.tonyhaynes.webs.com/). I was pleased and honored to be the recipient of this poem. Note that the initial letter of each line of the poem also spells out the title!

“The Mind Matters”

T hrough Energy Psychology

H eightened awareness will shatter

E very illusion and you’ll see The Mind Matters


M y goal & objective

I s for you to be inclined

N ow in this moment to ease your pressure & strife

D oing it through a process I call, “Choose Your Thoughts. Choose Your Life.”


M y Manifestation Manual

A nd the modalities I combine

T herapeutically facilitate

T he freedom to free your mind

E motionally and not by osmosis

e-aligning you through hypnosis

S o on a cellular & spiritual level all negativity scatters…

 …Even in the divine, The Mind Matters

 By Tony Haynes For Patricia




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  1. tonyhaynes says:

    Patricia, thank you so much for putting the poem on your site! The link you have up is for a different Tony Haynes. My link is http://www.tonyhaynes.webs.com (Yay!!) I hope to have our show up soon.

    thank you again.

    tony h

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