Apr 08 2013

Why Do I Need a Sanctuary?

Category: Recommended Reading & ListeningPatricia @ 3:08 pm

You may be very busy and believe that you already have too much to do. But, sometimes, we need to take time to get quiet and explore our inner world. We need a sanctuary from the demands of others and the stress of everyday life. We need an escape.

When you visit your sanctuary, it is a time to be a human being rather than a human doing. It is a place where you allow yourself to dream and flow and create. It is an opportunity to grow and  focus on the good in your life.

Taking time to focus on your well-being makes you more productive and better able to concentrate and solve problems. Allowing time for yourself allows you to be more kind and loving to others. Visiting your sanctuary helps you to create a sacred space in a very hectic world.


I’ve created a CD to help you get started. Building a sanctuary is a worthwhile investment of your time. Give yourself the gift of your self. You deserve it.


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