Dec 29 2017

Ending or Beginning

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In just a few days, the year 2017 will come to an end. Endings create emotions within us. We imagine time as a scarce commodity. We see the limitations. We try to seize the moment. We long to savor every last drop. We are afraid we may miss out.

Our sense of time affects our goals. An explanation of this phenomenon comes from Laura Carstensen’s “socioemotional selectivity theory.” It appears that when we perceive time as short or limited – when endings seem near – we prefer to spend our time doing things that feel good or feel meaningful right now. Endings help us to stay more focused on the present moment. We may not want to think about what happens next.

You may have experienced this phenomenon when you were enjoying a week’s vacation. The first few days are a time of transition from work to play. You have a whole week ahead of you. You get familiar with your new surroundings. The next few days may be a time of exploration. Then the last days become a whirlwind of activities of things “I want to do before I leave”.  When the end is near, time is more precious. And we try to cram everything in. Age doesn’t matter. Whether we are 9 or 90, when we perceive time as finite, we attach greater value to finding satisfaction in that moment.

Since this sense of time can affect your goals and motivation, it’s best to realize that the counting of time is arbitrary. There is only now. The only time there ever will be is now. Nothing is really coming to an end except the calendar page. If you get all caught up in this ending, you will lose sight of tomorrow – your dreams of the future.

Consider that the success you realize in achieving your goals in the future is directly related to the time you spend now in focusing on your goals. When you recognize the now moment, you realize that all time is short or limited. And that life is a series of moments. One moment at a time.

Whether the calendar says 2017 or 2018, remember you are a creator right now. Don’t let a distorted sense of time stand in the way of your goals. There are no endings. They are all beginnings.

In “The World According to Mister Rogers: Important Things to Remember”, Fred Rogers says, “Often when you think you’re at the end of something, you’re at the beginning of something else. I’ve felt that many times. My hope for all of us is that “the miles we go before we sleep” will be filled with all the feelings that come from deep caring – delight, sadness, joy, wisdom – and that in all the endings of our life, we will be able to see the new beginnings.”


Nov 27 2017

Time to Reflect

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As the year begins to wind down, it is a good time to reflect on what has happened this year. Consider what your life looked like last January. And now consider how your life has changed since then. What is different? Where are you now? How did you get there? Is it where you want to be? If so, or if not, maybe there are some things you could still accomplish this year.

Your life experience is constantly in a state of flux and change. Nothing remains the same. And I will remind you…you are making the choices that are creating your life experience. You are directing your soul’s journey. Your actions and reactions to your life experience are based on your limited ego’s beliefs about the way things are.

What New Year’s resolutions did you make? Did you achieve these goals? Or did you decide to give up on them? How did you get derailed from your original mission? What changes did you make? Are you happy with the decisions you made?

Often we set goals that are not fueled by passion. If it is a goal that we think we “should” accomplish, we may not have the necessary drive to succeed. Or maybe our goal changes as we become more knowledgeable about what it is we are doing. Goals do not have to be set in stone. They can be more liquid and malleable. They can grow and change as you grow and change.

Now is a good time to consider what to do next. Ask yourself, “What are my new goals and dreams?” When you do this, consider a holistic view of your life. Consider Body, Mind and Spirit. Look at all of these areas of your life separately:

  • Physical Health and Energy. Nourishment. Exercise. Rest.
  • Home Environment. Creating a sacred space of safety and comfort.
  • Play. Pleasure. Passion. Sexuality. Creativity.
  • Confidence and Personal Power. Abundance. Career.
  • Love of Self. Love of Others. Inner Peace and Acceptance.
  • Communication and Expression of Thoughts, Ideas and Feelings. Sharing of Self.
  • Going within to gain intuitive knowledge. Use of imagination and intellect.
  • Connection with Spirit. Oneness with All. Following Your Path.

Is there anything left undone in any of these areas? Is there anything that you need/want to let go of? Any limitations or fears? Any resentment or disappointment? Do you need to forgive anyone…including yourself? What needs your attention? When you give attention to the things standing in your way, you are able to find a way to get around the obstacle. Letting go of the things you no longer need in your life makes way for new and better things to appear.

You can make a commitment to do just three things between now and the first of January. These three things can help you to become a better you to begin the new year. You can honor yourself and your goals by laying a solid foundation to create an environment for you to thrive. You can start right now. There is no need to wait for the calendar date to change. There will never be a time when it is not now.









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Aug 01 2017

Behaving As If

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Do you have a role model? Perhaps you act as a role model for someone else? In some way, we are all role models to each other. Reflections. Good and bad illustrations of how to be. Since there is no reason to focus on a bad example, let’s focus on the good aspects of a role model. A good role model is always positive and confident in themselves and their abilities. A good role model is happy and grateful for their achievements, yet continues to strive for more. A role model serves as an example. Albert Einstein says, “Setting an example is not the main means of influencing others; it is the only means.”

When you are confronted with a challenge in your own life, consider asking yourself, “What would my role model do?” Observe how they approach problems or situations which are similar to your own personal dilemmas. Find out how they achieved their goals and what they would do differently if they were starting over. Use their example. Heed their advice. Pay attention to the qualities of their presence and demeanor. Are they decisive? Calm? In control? Do they seek the advice of others? Are they confident in their abilities? Do they avoid mediocrity and make great efforts for excellence? Act as if you are the same. And you will become that.

Your thoughts, words and actions influence people every moment of the day. They also influence you! Choose to be positive in your approach to life. Walk your talk – be consistent with your words and your actions. As Theodore Roosevelt said, “I care not what others think of what I do, but I care very much about what I think of what I do! That is character!”  That is also integrity. A good role model is honest and trustworthy even when no one is watching.

By demonstrating good behavior, you deliver a strong message to others every day. This message is delivered when you accept responsibility for your actions. It is also delivered when you hold others accountable for their bad behavior and speak up when you need to do so. You influence others. When you follow the Ethics of Reciprocity, which is also known as the Golden Rule of “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” (Matt. 7:12), you create a connection. Almost all organized religions, philosophical systems, and secular systems of morality include such an ethic. Eric Allenbaugh reminds us of this when he says, “You are in charge of your feelings, beliefs, and actions. And you teach others how to behave toward you. While you cannot change other people, you can influence them through your own behaviors and actions. By being a living role model of what you want to receive from others, you create more of what you want in your life.”  You also attract people of like character and integrity.

Listen to your conscience.  You know what to do. Everyone will benefit.




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May 23 2017

Dream A Little Dream

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In the magical state of creation (where you spend every moment of your life, whether you are aware of it or not), the economic exchange is affected by different rules. The dream state operates on another level. The only currency is energy. And the only price to be paid is with your imagination – your thought energy. You may not have cash flow, but you always have an unlimited supply of imagination. The state of creation does not follow the same order as the U.S. economy. There is plenty for everyone. You can have it all. Or you can choose to have nothing at all. It’s a choice we make based on the focus of our thoughts…what we think about; what we believe about what we think; how we feel about what we think.

So, considering you can afford the life of your dreams, what are you dreaming? Everyone has thoughts and dreams of a better life. No matter how good life is, it can always be better. Consider the thoughts which bring a smile to your face. Or the ones which make your belly tingle with excitement. And then think the thoughts which make your heart happy. These thoughts can make you feel like a million bucks! Or even more!

Take a moment out of your everyday life and give yourself a little dream time. You deserve it. You can afford it! And you really can’t afford not to do it! There are twenty-four hours in the day. Surely, your dreams are worth as little as a measly fifteen minutes!

Play a little game. A dreaming game. Begin by setting your intention. Make sure that your intention is set in a way that is best for all concerned. Then simply write out this sentence:

“Even though I don’t know how this will happen, I am grateful because it is now (fill in a date) and I am (enjoying, looking at, experiencing, earning, etc.) my (new salary of $xxx, new home, new car, vacation, etc.) and I feel _____________.”

When you consider this sentence, pay close attention to how the dream thought makes you feel. Emotions are very, very important in the state of creation. Emotions are the fuel which fire up and feed your dream. Thought creates emotion which creates action. When you play the dreaming game, make the fire bigger by thinking about different aspects of your success. For example, if you’re dreaming of a new car, fill in all the details. Make a list of the car’s features and why you like them. Think about the value of independence and mobility that a car offers. Consider how you will feel when you are driving this new car and the places you will go. Step outside of yourself, and see yourself having the experience of a new car. And then feel the gratitude for your ability to create this experience. As you fill in all the details, your imagination is free to dream big. Your dream creates passion.

When dreaming, you know that anything can happen. Even impossible things. You are now dreaming.

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Mar 28 2017

Impossible? What Do You Think?

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chris bertish.1


Chris Bertish made history this month. One day at a time. One stroke at a time. He did what many would consider impossible. Chris Bertish, a world champion big wave surfer from South Africa, recently completed a trans-Atlantic journey on a 20-foot stand-up paddleboard. Yes, that’s right. On a paddleboard. Across the Atlantic Ocean. Alone. He made the decision. He made the plan. He believed it was possible. And then he did it…through the power of his own mind, through the power of his own thoughts.

Bertish made the journey as a way to raise money for charity and test the limits of possibility. His motto is “Dream it, See it, Believe it, Achieve it.” The Lunchbox Fund, Operation Smile, and Signature of Hope were the three main beneficiaries of the reported $6 million raised by this amazing journey. When we are inspired to do for others, we are fueled by more power and determination. The goal becomes bigger than the individual. Success matters more.

The journey from Morocco’s Agadir Harbor, to Antigua’s English Harbor took ninety three days. It is estimated that to travel the distance of 4,050 miles, 2,088,000 paddle strokes were required. To do this, it was necessary to consume 8,000-10,000 calories per day. The average distance traveled every day was 44 miles. More than a marathon. Every day. For ninety three days.

Bertish said, “This whole project is about breaking boundaries and redefining what is possible. Ninety-five percent of the world thought it was impossible. The words ‘impossible’ and ‘can’t’ are motivators for me to find solutions, get creative and make the impossible possible.” You decide what is possible in your life. You decide what your limits are. And it is your choice to break those limits. Anything is possible if you believe it is possible.

As you can imagine, there were challenges along the way. More than a dozen things broke and needed to be jury-rigged. And remember the repairs needed to be done in treacherous conditions, including a couple of close encounters with sharks and 20-foot seas. One of the biggest challenges came when the solar panels which allowed him to make fresh drinking water stopped working properly. Unable to make the three gallons of water needed to survive on a daily basis, he said “I had to train my body to survive on a gallon to a gallon and a half of water each day. That way, I could manage the other systems that would keep me alive, like powering the automatic identification systems so giant tankers could see me and wouldn’t run me over in the middle of the night.”  The body is a reflection of your subconscious mind. Through mindfulness and meditative thought you can cause changes in your body functions, when you believe you can.

In the 1980’s, Dr. Herbert Benson did studies on the mind-body connection. His research showed that highly trained Tibetan monks were able to control their body temperature by using the power of their mind.  Through deep concentration, the monks were able to generate enough heat that they were able to dry wet blankets with their body heat. The meditating monks could increase the temperature of their fingers and toes by as much as 46.94 °F.  Like the Tibetan monks, Indian yogis are also able to manipulate their physiological processes. Research done in 1936 showed that yogis were able to slow their heart rate down so slow that it was only detectable with an EKG. And of course you are aware of the placebo effect. It is so widely accepted as fact that most medical tests use it as a way of proving if a drug works on its own or because people “think” it works. If we think it works, it does. Our body responds physiologically, producing real biological effects, as a reaction to a belief or an inert substance. An amusing study was done by a group of Princeton students. The experimenters served non-alcoholic O’Douls at a keg party then watched as their guests acted as if they were drinking regular beer. Generally behaving as if they were drunk, they acted silly, slurred their words and staggered around. Their belief affected their body’s reactions and their behavior. Bertish reinforces this when he says, “What I find fascinating about adventure is it teaches you about your limits and shows you that you can push your body to overcome things that most people think aren’t humanly possible. It makes you realize how incredible the human body is if you teach it to do something and shift the normality of what it’s expected to do.”

There were multiple life-threatening low-points, “where it was about having the right mental attitude to stay strong and not fall apart and just endure every hour, every day, every night … night after night, stroke after stroke, for 93 days straight’. Bertish says, “How did I get through it? It was all about going stroke-by-stroke, just getting through the next hour, the next day, the next night, the next storm. If you stay focused on what is happening right in front of you and never give up, you’ll eventually make it to your goal.” Success happens when you stay in the now moment. We can not be present and aware if we are thinking about something that happened in the past or what might happen in the future. The now moment is the moment of power…the moment of creation.

So is there something “impossible” that you would like to accomplish? What’s your excuse? What do you need to motivate yourself? Perhaps there is a charity worth your support. Perhaps there is challenge you want to give to yourself. What are your limits? Who created them? There are no limits. There are only limited thoughts. Chris Bertish has decided to embrace “limitless living. We can achieve, explore and do anything we want in life.” I congratulate and applaud Chris Bertish on this amazing achievement; not only for his own personal goal, but for the recipients of his charitable giving.  He is absolute proof that The Mind Matters!!!









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Mar 23 2017

Choices For Your Future

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crystal ball


Imagine being able to transport yourself to a time in the future. Ten years from now, where are you and what are you doing? What are you wearing? What is your home like? Who do you live with? What is your financial status? Are you healthy? Are you happy? What do you imagine your life will be like? How do you think the future happens? Is it all random or do you have any control?

When you consider the future, you will find that there are really three simple choices to decide upon.  You control your choices and you also control your actions. So, simply stated, you control your future.

You could continue to do the same thing as you are doing now…thinking the same thoughts; doing the same actions. Ten years may pass, but nothing but your physical body changes. You age. You have fewer options. You live in the same place. You work at the same career. You do the same leisure activities. If you are alone, you are still alone. If you are in a bad relationship, you are still in a bad relationship. You have the same amount of money. Over the next ten years, you will not grow at all. You will remain the same. Remaining the same is the most difficult to do. Outside circumstances influence inner choices and sometimes it is impossible not to grow. But really, why would you want to remain the same? How boring!!!

You could do less than what you are doing now…thinking negative thoughts; acting in a self-destructive manner. Many things may change ten years from now when you’re thinking about what you don’t want to happen. You may have lost your job; lost your home; lost a good relationship. And the worst that can happen is that you may have lost your health. Over the next ten years, you will experience a downward spiral, leading you to a life of depression and despair. Making bad choices and doing stupid things is very easy to do when you don’t pay attention. But, then, the consequences make life a lot more difficult.

You could do things differently than you do right now… focusing your positive thoughts on the experiences you want to have. Everything may change in ten years when you take control of your thoughts and your actions… starting now. You may become a happier, healthier, wiser version of yourself. Over the next ten years, you could experience a joyful and successful life. Doing things differently may seem difficult at first. But the results of achieving positive goals makes life worthwhile.

You get to decide. The Now you creates the Future you. How would you like your future to be? You really do have some control over how it all turns out. Imagine that. In the magical state of creation, the economic exchange is different than that of the U. S. Treasury. You may not have unlimited cash flow, but you do have unlimited imagination. You can choose to have it all. Or you can choose to have nothing at all. You can afford to have the life of your dreams. You know that when you dream, anything is possible. Dream on.

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Jan 30 2017

Negative Thoughts Can Create Positive Results

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There is duality in the universe; light and darkness, heat and cold. This duality is reflected in our emotions. Like emotions, energy also comes in two forms: positive and negative. Each has its own distinct vibration. I often encourage my clients to focus on the positive aspects of their lives…to think of what they want. When we are thinking positive thoughts we feel positive feelings. We like that. When we are thinking negative thoughts we don’t like how we feel. We feel uncomfortable. But sometimes negative thoughts can bring positive results. Sometimes negative energy can create positive change.

If you want to get in shape, you can think about all the positive reasons to do that. You can think about how you’ll have more energy; your clothes will fit better; you’ll feel good about yourself. All those positive thoughts can motivate you to take the actions necessary to succeed. You can reinforce those thoughts by writing them down. When we write things down, it solidifies our commitment to our goal. We are more likely to be successful. When we give our subconscious mind visual reminders of our goals, it creates more reinforcement. Pictures and illustrations are guides for our goal-achieving machine. Both words and visual reminders add fuel to the fire. When you think about your success, you are motivated to take the steps to achieve it. You connect with the positive results and your belief that you can succeed.

Now, I’d like you to consider several reasons why you don’t want to be out of shape. You could think about the health consequences of high blood pressure or diabetes or heart disease or any other grim reality that can result from being out of shape. You could consider how you’re not able to enjoy physical activities; suffering from erectile dysfunction or sleep apnea. You could realize that your longevity is being affected; you could die sooner and miss out on precious time with loved ones. You could accept the negative consequences… or you can use your fear of these things to drive you to do something to prevent them from happening! Fear can be a powerful force for motivation. Fear helps you connect with your power to take control to avoid the negative consequences.

Using both positive and negative energy together can be the key to your success. The powerful momentum fueled by your positive thoughts and desires combined with the fear of negative consequences can create amazing results! When you are confronted by the thoughts of a future you do not want to experience, you are motivated to make the changes necessary so that it will not come to pass. Often we have to confront our worse fears before we are able to find the strength and willpower to do what is right for us. Embrace the darkness. Move into the light.



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Jan 19 2017

No Expiration Date. No Time Limit. No Other Life.

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grandma moses


Later in life, some of us experience regret about what we didn’t accomplish. We didn’t achieve what we wanted. We didn’t fulfill our true potential. We didn’t travel the world. We didn’t find our soul mate. We didn’t learn to play the piano. These “didn’ts” can cause pain. They can make us feel as if we had failed at life.

The ability to do new things and learn new skills does not expire. We can always improve and become better versions of ourselves. My dad passed away at the age of 93. One of the many things he taught me was that you could do anything you set your mind to do; you could learn anything. And there were no limits as to when you could begin. When he was 75, he decided to learn how to paint with oils. So he got an easel, some canvases and paints. And then he painted.  When he was 88, he invested in a computer so that he could learn about the internet. And then he explored the new world of cyberspace.

Almost without exception, some of the regret experienced later in life is a result of not “achieving” something. When one feels that they haven’t fulfilled their true potential, it can leave a painful mark. Self-discovery and improvement can happen at any time in life. The ability to improve oneself does not expire. It is a never-ending process.

“You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment. Fools stand on their island of opportunities and look toward another island. There is no other land; there is no other life but this.” – Henry David Thoreau

There are many stories of people who began new careers at an advanced age. One such person is Anna Mary Robertson, known as Grandma Moses. She began her painting career at the age of 78 (I think maybe Dad was inspired by her) and painted until her passing at the age of 101.

There is also a lesser known woman who should be acknowledged: Doreetha Daniels. Doreetha, a multiple stroke victim with vision and hearing problems recently received her college degree from College of the Canyons in Santa Clara, California. Doreetha is 99 years old. She advised prospective students: “Don’t give up. Do it. Don’t let anybody discourage you. Say that, ‘I’m going to do it,’ and do it for yourself.”

One faculty member said: “Doreetha is a living testament to the saying ‘if there is a will, there is a way’…” Doreetha was motivated to go to college by two things. She was tired of her hobbies and wanted to expand her interests. And she was inspired by her grandchildren, who after starting families and careers, went back to school for graduate degrees.

Consider Thoreau’s words …“there is no other life but this.” Take the opportunity to live it to the fullest. Live until the very end. There is no limitation to what you can accomplish. There is no time limit to being actively engaged in life.



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Nov 24 2016

Direct the Dream


3rd eye thought


Even if you don’t play golf, you have probably heard of Jack Nicklaus, the professional golfer who is nicknamed The Golden Bear. He is widely regarded as the greatest golfer of all time, having won a total of 18 major championships during the past 25 years.

And whether you play golf or not, you can benefit from one of the techniques Jack Nicklaus used to become such a great golfer. Obviously, Nicklaus has certain athletic abilities which he has refined and developed. He has done the physical work to become great. He has also done the mental work. Not only has he used his subconscious mind to stay focused and visualize the desired outcome, he has used his subconscious as a sports clinic. There is a story told about a dream he had when he was not performing well. When he analyzed the dream he figured out why his game was off. He had a dream where he was really owning the links; playing better than he had in a long while. After analysis, the champ realized that in the dream, he was gripping his club differently than he was doing in real life. He said, “I tried it the way I did in my dream and it worked. I feel kind of foolish admitting it, but it really happened in a dream.”

Your subconscious mind knows more than your conscious mind. You can trust it to guide and direct you. Besides, it’s going to do it even if you don’t trust it! Your subconscious mind is the 88% of your mind that is directing your motivation and behavior. It is also your goal-achieving machine. Your subconscious mind speaks to you in images. You can also speak to and direct your subconscious mind through images.

Dr. Denis Waitley has done studies where athletes are connected to a biofeedback machine during visualization. When they imagine going through a practice or performance, the studies show that the same muscles are engaged as if they were actually doing the exercise. Remember, the mind doesn’t know the difference between what you imagine and what you perceive as reality. Using hypnosis, guided imagery and visualization trains the mind to achieve automatic reactions and responses. When doing this, all senses are engaged. Effective visualization uses sight, sound, taste, touch and emotion. This can give an athlete (or anyone!!!) a renewed level of self- confidence.

The meditative state which is achieved by self-hypnosis allows one to give instructional self-talk to improve specific techniques or skills, athletic or otherwise. Well-known sports figures Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Tiger Woods all have meditation practices. Tell yourself, “Keep your knees bent.” “Chin up.” “You can do it.” According to sports psychologist Antonis Hatzigeorgiadis, “The mind guides action. If we succeed in regulating our thoughts, then this will help our behavior.”

When Jack Nicklaus had his dream, he trusted himself and his own inner guidance. He acted on his inner wisdom. When you go within, (whether in the dream state, the meditative state, the hypnotic state, whatever you want to name it state) you transcend conscious thought. You achieve a heightened state of focused concentration, effortless calm and confidence. You let go of the outside reality as you know it. This state of mind keeps pressures and distractions from harming you. When you go within, you know everything. This is the beginning of dreaming and from this point you can direct the dream. Trust yourself. Believe in your dreams.

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Nov 14 2016

Four Great Questions

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How do you begin your day? Many of us have morning rituals that help (or hurt) our productivity and peace of mind. Depending on your circumstances, you may not have a lot of time to focus on any rituals. You may not have the time to focus at all. You may be rushing off to work or getting the kids ready for school. But what if you did have the time for a little morning contemplation? If it’s possible (remember all things are possible if you believe) you may want to create a daily practice which was suggested by someone who lived long ago in what you may think of as less hectic than modern times. After all, our ancestors did not have as many outside influences on their time. Their world was smaller and quieter than ours but they had their own challenges to overcome.

Pope Saint Gregory I (c. 540 – 12 March 604), commonly known as Saint Gregory the Great, was a pope of the Catholic Church. You may be familiar with Gregorian chants from that era. Gregory the Great suggested a daily practice which he believed would help people to be more effective in life. He encouraged people to take a moment each morning to be mindful and to ask  four questions of themselves.


  1. Where are you? In other words, what is the state of your life? How is your health; relationships; financial well-being?
  1. Where are you not? How do you relate to the perfect version of you? What is missing? What parts of your life need attention?
  1. Where have you been? Consider your spiritual progress and understanding based on your past life experiences. What have you learned about what you want and what you don’t want?
  1. Where will you be one day? Envision your heaven; your ideal self living your ideal life. Consider your future, for as Gregory explains, you will receive it if you want it.


When you take a moment to go within, you are better able to see what is affecting your life from the outside. In considering where you are in life, you are able to reinforce the positive aspects of your being. When considering where you are not, you are able to become aware of what is missing or less than what you want. Thinking about where you have been allows you to look back and see from a different perspective. It also allows you to feel gratitude for your experiences. It gives you strength and builds your confidence. Planning for the future is a way to have a little preview of life’s coming attractions. When you visualize what you want, you become emotionally connected to the positive outcome you anticipate. Visualization directs the power of your subconscious mind, your goal-achieving machine. You’re more likely to be successful.

Perhaps you don’t have the time to be mindful of these things every day. But maybe you could do it once a week or once or month. Or at least do it once!!! You’re worth the time and effort and it really could make a difference in your life.



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Oct 17 2016

Plan Backwards

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When we set a goal, we think about it as a future event, situation or experience. We set a date. It is something in the distance…a destination at the end of a journey. One way to move forward to meet a big goal is to plan backwards.

When your goal is complex or requires the passage of time for completion, you need to break it down into more “doable” goals. A doable goal requires less time to see the results. It’s important to recognize the successful completion of every step along the way to your success. Remember, there is no express elevator to achieving success. You have to take one step at a time. Recognizing your progress helps to motivate you to continue. You have the end in sight. Setting up step by step goals can also help you to be more aware and conscious of any changes or deviations that need to be made.

Let’s say you want to lose 20 pounds for an event that is three months away. Obviously, this is not a goal you can achieve in a weekend. In order to lose the 20 pounds, you need to start planning backwards to break the goal down into little, easily achievable goals. Imagine that you want to lose 2 pounds every week. This is a doable goal. To lose 2 pounds, you need to cut your caloric intake or increase your caloric burn. It requires 3500 extra calories to gain a pound, which means that it would take 7000 less calories to lose those 2 pounds. If you break that down, you see that you need to eliminate 1000 calories each day to achieve your goal. This is a doable goal. Many people eat 3 meals and at least 2 snacks every day. If you decrease your intake each time you eat by just 200 calories, you’ve done it! You have successfully taken a big, overwhelming goal and you divided it into very small, achievable goals. You are able to achieve a small goal multiple times during the day. When you check your weight after seven days, you are able to celebrate your success. If you did not lose the anticipated 2 pounds, you are able to make an adjustment to insure your success next week. You keep your end goal in mind.

When you commit to your success, you will be able to achieve your goal in just 10 weeks!!! You might want to consider beginning this goal right now. There will be no need for New Year’s resolutions. You will be happily dancing your way into the New Year weighing 20 pounds less than you do right now!

Planning backwards helps you to move forward for all kinds of big goals. Consider a big goal you may have. Perhaps you want to take that dream vacation or buy a new car. Begin saving today. If it’s a goal, you will find a way to take action. If you can’t find a way, than it is not a goal… it’s just a wish. And after time, it may become a regret.

Make a commitment to your goal. Take the first step to succeed in your plan. Keep your goal in mind and follow the steps backwards until you have reached the beginning, which is where you are right now. Get excited about what you plan to accomplish because without excitement and enthusiasm, you’ll lose sight of your plan and you won’t move forward. You can do it!


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Aug 09 2016

Learning to Try

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Have you failed at something? Of course you have! Everyone fails! But a failure is really just another opportunity to succeed. Which is worse… failing or never trying? When we experience failure, we may feel stupid or embarrassed. We may even feel worthless and ashamed. We may be afraid to admit that we have failed in achieving our goal. Failure feels bad. It hurts. Failure makes us feel afraid to begin again. It creates self-doubt. Yet, just as we all experience failure, we all have experienced starting over. We try again. We make another attempt or effort. We give it our best shot. And if we don’t try…we regret and we wonder “what if” or “if only”. Not trying may feel worse than failure.

Before you decide to start a new project after you have experienced failure, you need to evaluate what went wrong. You have to decide how you’ll do things differently. In order to do better, consider these three questions. They can change your perception of your failure and motivate you to try to succeed.

“How can my past experiences help me?”

“What can I learn from doing this project?”

“What are some mistakes I might make?” Remember – it’s ok to make mistakes!

Instead of thinking of yourself as a failure…think of yourself as a learner. A learner has to have a willingness to fail. When you stop trying to be a perfectionist or an expert and become a learner, you grow. You become more equipped to face challenging situations. You think more creatively. You give yourself more choices.

Your brain/mind is kind of like a muscle. It can grow and learn to do new things. Do something challenging. Go out of your comfort zone. Begin thinking in new ways. Scrabble, crossword puzzles, new recipes can all stimulate your mind to find new solutions.

Stop procrastinating. It is the enemy of learning and creativity. If you have a habit of putting tasks off, maybe it’s because you expect perfect results from yourself; you expect perfection from others; or you think others expect perfection from you. Where did you get these ideas? When you take on your work before a deadline, you take control of the problem. You give yourself a break from the stress. When you’re not stressed out about time limits, you are more able to think clearly. You give yourself time to experiment with new ideas and concepts. You encourage and stimulate the learner. You are capable of learning whatever you need to know.

Learners have possibilities. Every failure or mistake is just one step closer to success. Failures become insights and invite celebration rather than dismay. Failure does not define you as a person. You failed at an action; performing a particular task. That’s all. No big deal. You learned from it. Get over it and move on. Tell yourself it’s okay to make a mistake. Everybody makes mistakes! Stop judging yourself by impossible expectations.

It’s worth a try. And a try again. Make an effort to learn to succeed. You only fail when you don’t try.


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Jul 26 2016

The Dreaded Deadline

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time travels on


We all have experienced deadlines over which we have no control. We have to pay our taxes by April 15. We need to renew our driver’s license or car registration. We have to take an exam or submit an application. We need to prepare a report or presentation. We need to pay our bills. Deadlines.  The word itself sounds kind of ominous. And rightly so. Are you aware that the term “deadline” originated in prison camps during the American Civil War? It referred to a physical line or boundary. Any prisoner who crossed the line would risk death. Guards were ordered to shoot to kill.  Later the term deadline came to be used by newspapers as a “time limit” in order to get the latest news printed and distributed on time. Fortunately for all of us, a deadline is no longer a life or death situation. Sometimes it may feel that way, but it’s not! You can take control of the deadlines in your life.

Often we create our own deadlines. Perhaps you’re planning to get married soon and planning the event. Or maybe you’ve bought a new house and need to move. You’ve just created a deadline. And somewhere along your life, you have been programmed to respond to deadlines in a particular way. Even if it’s not a good way, it’s a way that you know. We’re more comfortable with familiar. It’s less painful than doing something differently. Doing things differently requires conscious and mindful thought. We often run on autopilot. Our subconscious mind repeatedly performing tasks in the same way over and over again. Some of us created a habit of staying up all night cramming before an exam. Or we wait until the last minute to get things done. We create a time limit which restricts our abilities to perform at the highest level. We make unnecessary stress for ourselves and often make life stressful for those around us. We create a situation where we are unable to do our best.

Everyone can be more successful in dealing with deadlines by taking control. Do you wait until April 15 to file your taxes? There are many opportunities to do it sooner. Why not do it? Make yourself a deadline of March 15. If you have less time to complete the task, you most likely will increase your focus and your effort to get it done. Are you aware of Parkinson’s Law? Parkinson’s Law states that “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion”.

Consider this. How tidy can you make your house when a friend calls and says they’ll stop by in 20 minutes? Or how quickly can you leave for the airport when you’ve overslept? How much can you accomplish and how fast can you do it?  You will notice that your effort significantly increases when your time is limited.

When you give yourself deadlines, you help yourself to achieve your goals. You become the boss of your life. As you think about your life and your daily schedule, it can help to use Parkinson’s Law to your advantage. A simple way to do this is to break your task into smaller goals. If you have a project that you estimate will take three hours, use 55 minute time blocks. Work steadily for 55 minutes and then take a 5 minute break. You will feel at ease because you have allowed yourself time to take a break and refocus your attention. The mini mental breaks energize you and make you more productive.  And do it again and again. Within your three hours, you have pushed yourself to success. Knowing your time is limited will help you to be more effective. You may find that with concentration and focus, your project is completed in less time than you had anticipated.

When you create a new way of doing things…when you realize your effort has influenced your success…you are more likely to repeat the process. By repeating the process, you are programming yourself to react to life the way you want. And you feel more in control. There is nothing to fear. You can relax knowing that no one is going to shoot you. You can use the deadline of a time limit as inspiration. When you cross the line, you have been successful in completing your goal.

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Jul 21 2016

Resolutions Not Regrets

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“I don’t regret the things I’ve done, I regret the things I didn’t do when I had the chance.” ~Unknown

In the final stages of life, people often feel regrets. There are many similarities between the regrets of the dying and the regrets of the living. We seldom get second chances. Do-overs are rare. Instead of having regrets about the things you haven’t done (yet), make a conscious resolution to do them. Before it’s too late. Give yourself that second chance. Don’t wait to get it. If you have regrets about the past, now is the time to change that. You can do things differently starting now. You don’t have to wait until you think you’re dying. Fulfill your wishes.

Do you wish you had experienced more of what life has to offer? Have you had the experience of traveling to different parts of the country or the world? Have you enjoyed exploring new sensations that travel offers? From now on, do it!  Travel while you can. Step into the unknown. Expand your horizons. Embrace more new and exotic adventures.

Do you wish you had listened more to the good advice of others who know more than you do? Do you wish you had made different choices about what you ate and how much you ate; how often you exercised or were physically active? Do you regret the condition of your health and the physical state of your body? Listen now. Make the changes which will bring you the results you will not regret. Your body is a miraculous machine capable of healing itself and creating a new and improved version of you.

Do you wish you had stepped out of your comfort zone and faced your fears? Do you regret not taking a risk and being too cautious? Have you pushed yourself to the limits of your abilities? Or have your beliefs stood in your way? Not trying is worse than failing! Resolve to let go of your fears and perceived limitations. It’s an inside job. No one else can do it for you. Believe in yourself.

Do you wish you had spoken up more about what is important to you…what really matters? Have you voiced your opinions and stood up for your values and beliefs? Do you regret years spent keeping quiet while you suffer in an unhappy relationship? Do you regret the less than successful path your career has taken? If it is important to you, speak up now. Your truth is more valuable than the false harmony that is created by your silence. Allow yourself to speak your truth.

Do you wish you had done something sooner…rather than procrastinating about doing it? We miss out when we do that. We also pick up a few negative emotions like guilt and shame and embarrassment. And we can add regret for those opportunities that are forever lost. Taking action can be very difficult and scary. We need to be prepared for the results of our actions. Now is the time to start. Just do it! Make a plan and execute it. You’ll add positive emotions like pride, courage, confidence and a feeling of accomplishment.

Take the advice of the dying as a reflection of what could have been. Listen to those who have suffered through extreme trauma or illness and rehabilitation to learn to live again. Stop focusing on regrets and start focusing on resolutions. Pay attention to this simple advice. Experience all that life has to offer. Listen. Believe in yourself. Speak up. Don’t wait. Do it now! And I must add this: Love. Love yourself. Love others. Love deeply. Love freely. Love makes all the other stuff worthwhile.




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Jul 18 2016

Adding Fuel to Your Fire

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You are unique in all the world. But…do you compare yourself to others? Do you watch reality TV shows like The Bachelorette or Keeping Up With the Kardashians? Are you keeping up? Or do you feel as if you have fallen behind? Do you have a fabulous wardrobe? Are you attending trendy events? Are you being pursued by a number of attractive, eligible bachelors? Maybe you’re tuning into home improvement shows or viewing outrageous real estate for sale? Do you look around your home and think, “What a dump!” STOP IT! Stop comparing yourself to others in a negative way! When you feel envious of other’s success, you can quickly decrease your own happiness. You can make yourself feel like a failure. Yes, you. STOP IT! When you feel the negative emotion of envy or jealousy, you lower your personal vibration. You actually put yourself in a vibrational place where you will attract what you don’t want …to fail. You will not attract that success you desire by thinking of yourself as less than others.

However, positive comparison is a different story. It can be helpful if you’re comparing yourself to another by admiring them rather than being jealous of their success. It’s a different vibration. When you admire, you are adjusting your vibration to match that of your successful friend. When you admire, you also imitate. Remember, imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. If your friend is being promoted, study his habits and behaviors at the office. What does he do to create that success? Is he responsible? Innovative? Helpful? Emulating him may help you. Or what about your friend who is the picture of perfect health? When you compare your habits to hers you may realize why. You may notice that she takes a walk every day at lunch while you sit at your desk and munch on snacks. Join her for a walk. If you want to be like her, do what she does.

Note the similarity or dissimilarity between your actions and the actions of others. If you want to have more of what they have, do more of what they do. Learn from them. They have something you want. How did they get it?

When you compare yourself to others in a healthy way it can fuel your determination to become more successful. This is one of the reasons why groups like Alcoholics Anonymous and Weight Watchers help so many people to achieve their goals. It is positive comparison.  We begin to think, “If they can do it, so can I!” We see that it is possible to achieve what others have achieved. We begin to change our beliefs about what is possible. We see better when we stand on the shoulders of those who have been there before us. Believing it is possible makes it so. When we compare ourselves to others in this way, we fuel the fires of our determination to do better; to be better.

And consider this…the images you watch on TV and in social media affect your view of your world and your place in it. They help to create your beliefs about your reality and it is not always a positive influence. If you really want to affect your reality, turn off the TV and all those outside communication devices. Or do a little research on the people you want to emulate. They may have lessons for you. And, most of all, I invite you to go within. The images are far more fascinating and beneficial to you. And your imagination is always the best source of fuel to feed your fire.


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Jul 05 2016

Afraid Of A Frog

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Mark Twain was a wise man who gave advice in a colorful yet simple way. One thing many of us need advice about is how to conquer our fears. The little every day fears. The ones that creep into your head first thing in the morning when you wake. Those things left undone; or unsaid. Those tasks that you may not want to do. The ones that make you feel uncomfortable or doubtful. Or the ones that seem too big to handle. Maybe it’s something that needs to be done at home. Maybe it’s a work thing. Maybe it’s something you need to do for yourself. Most of us procrastinate because it scares us or overwhelms us. It’s just too hard to deal with it. We don’t know how to start. Mark Twain tells us, “Eat a live frog first thing every morning, and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.”

Eating a live frog is disgusting and YUCKY!!! I can’t imagine anyone enjoying that! But Twain was not being literal. The frog is your task. The yucky task. The one that needs your attention. But maybe the task is not yucky. Maybe it’s your thinking that is making it feel that way. Maybe the results of finishing the task are wonderful!

When you procrastinate eating your frog, you create a new set of problems. It’s impossible to concentrate on other things. You’re distracted. You can only think about the frog you need to eat later. Besides, when you put things off, you give yourself time to imagine every possible thing that could go wrong. You focus on the difficulty. You resent the time you need to spend on eating the frog. You want fast food! And now the frog seems bigger and more complicated. You may begin to resent the frog and everyone connected to it. You are focusing on what you don’t want!

When you eat the frog early in the day you gain a sense of accomplishment. You take care of what you want. You feel proud of yourself for having done that. It’s a great way to start the day feeling successful. Finishing that necessary task gives you the momentum you need to do other things. Everything is easy compared to the dreaded frog. Take care of the priority. Allow yourself to feel all the positive emotions connected to accomplishing the task. Confident, successful, happy. You may feel lighter after having let go of the burden you have been carrying.

Frogs can get very heavy and cumbersome. They can become difficult to handle and weigh you down. Have the courage to eat the frog. Even if it’s scary, get the yucky stuff over with and move on. Feel the satisfaction of having conquered your fears. And recognize that you always have the power and the control to focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want. And then enjoy the rest of the day!

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May 29 2016

Commencement Day

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Graduation season is upon us. The school year is almost finished. Ceremonies have begun to take place where degrees or diplomas are being awarded to students. Even pre-schools hold graduation ceremonies complete with tiny caps and gowns for the participants. No matter the age or size, students line up to receive their official diploma recognizing their achievement. Whether it is pre-school or a doctoral degree, graduation is acknowledged and celebrated. Congratulations to all the graduates!

Graduation is defined as the awards ceremony or the act of receiving a diploma or degree. From that perspective, graduation is an ending; a conclusion. It is the completion of a course of study. Graduation is the final act performed by a student at a school. You are a student. And then you are a graduate.

But graduation is also known as commencement…the time when something begins. As we graduate, we leave the past behind. As we commence, we move forward to the future. One door closes and another opens.

I think “graduates” should be known as “commencers”, since commence is a far more powerful word than graduate. Graduate is simply defined as the holder of a degree. Commence is defined as beginning.

Regardless as to whether you have been awarded a diploma or degree this graduation season, I invite you to commence living a more joyful life. You can award yourself with a master’s degree in life whenever you decide to do so. You can graduate into a more fulfilling way of being when you give yourself permission to put an end to what doesn’t serve you anymore. Commencement is a kickoff or a launch to a new way of life.

Maybe you’d like to give yourself a diploma for bravery and courage while fighting a life-threatening illness. Maybe you’d like to award yourself with a degree in financial management for successfully running your household on less income than you deserve and less than you need. Maybe you’d like to recognize your life’s achievement of being a successful mom or dad. You can even hold a commencement ceremony to celebrate your new beginning and the genesis of your success as you move forward into the future with excitement and purpose. Remember you are never too old to begin again.

Steve Jobs delivered many inspiring commencement speeches. In one of his last he said, “Your time is limited, don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma, which is living the result of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other opinions drown your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

Every day you have the opportunity to begin again. Every day you have the ability to make a different choice. Every day is a commencement. Let the celebration begin!



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May 10 2016

Check Your Attitude

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Do you feel in control of your life? Or does it feel like everything is out of control? It can be scary when situations in life change and you’re not sure what to do next. When you’re doing something new and unfamiliar, you may be frightened until you know what to expect. If you want to feel more in control, check your attitude. Your attitude is the control center of your life. And your attitude is based on your thoughts and beliefs.

As human beings, we are programmed to consider new experiences with a certain amount of fear. We can feel uncomfortable. We want to know what to expect so we can feel comfortable; more in control of the situation. Your attitude about yourself and your abilities affects your expectations. Your attitude is your belief in yourself and is a reflection of your self-confidence. Your behavior is a reflection of your attitude. Your attitude is the way your think or feel about something. It is your view; the way you approach life. It is your personal perspective of the way things are…your story.

Remember that the new and unfamiliar future only exists in your thoughts. And you are in control of your thoughts. We are making it up as we go. We tell ourselves a story about what might happen. We base the story on what has happened in the past and our feelings about what has happened. Sometimes we tell ourselves a good story and we feel good. When we allow ourselves to imagine and experience a positive expectation, we benefit from those thoughts. We are more prepared and at ease in new situations. We feel more confident about our actions. We get to practice through visualization in our mind’s eye before we experience the reality. We get inspired to follow through on our goals when we get in touch with our feelings about the achievement of the goal or the end of the story.

Sometimes we tell ourselves a very bad story which makes us feel out of control. When you tell a bad story, you experience fear and anxiety about things which don’t even exist yet! When you’re worrying about the future, you are literally planning for things you don’t want to happen. All the time and energy you spend in this negative emotional state is working against you. You are literally creating your own worst fears. And your physical body is reacting to and suffering from those thoughts!

I want to remind you that you are always in control of your thoughts. You are making up the story…good or bad. You are consciously making a choice about which thoughts to focus upon. Why not spend your time and energy focusing on your desires instead of your fears? Imagine the best case scenario. Focus on what you want instead of what you don’t want! You want to be slim. You don’t want to be fat. You want to be prosperous. You don’t want to struggle financially. You want to be loveable. You don’t want to be alone. Just that shift in thinking will make a difference about how you feel. It will also make a difference in how you act and how you react. In that moment, you actively take part in the creation of your life. You take control of the situation. You create the story. And your attitude creates the happy ending!


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Mar 29 2016

The Joyful Journey

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Path to Boney


Life is a journey. An unknown adventure. An unopened book. Many wise people over the years have told us that it’s all about the journey, not the destination. We all embark upon our life’s journey as helpless, innocent beings. Strangers in a strange land. Did you ever notice how a baby often has an expression of complete bewilderment? WTF moments? Each one of us is given instructions about what to do and what to expect. To make things more interesting, we all get different instructions. We are told about our talents and our chances to succeed. Or not. And then the journey begins. One step at a time. One experience at a time. One moment at a time. And then the journey of life comes to an end. The destination.

Greg Anderson, author of The 22 Non-Negotiable Laws of Wellness, says, “Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.” If we don’t enjoy the steps along the way to our goal, we will not reach it. No matter what, we all only do what we truly want to do. If we don’t want to do it, there are many reasons we have to justify our failure to follow through. Procrastination. We make time for what matters. And we always make time for what feels good.

When you set a goal, you are setting a destination. It’s important to consider each of the steps on the journey which are necessary to achieve the goal. Sometimes the journey can teach you a lot about your destination. When you use your imagination to explore the future, you are able to see the steps which will trip you up…the ones you don’t want to do. Each step is a destination and a journey in itself. Consider a step which makes you feel fearful or incompetent or overwhelmed. Perhaps you’ve set a limit for yourself. Perhaps you believe your goal is too big or too difficult. Remember it’s all about what you tell yourself. If you tell yourself you will succeed, you will. Imagine having fun every step of the way. Imagine the joyful journey to add fuel to your fire.

Earl Nightingale tells us, “We are at our very best, and we are happiest, when we are fully engaged in work we enjoy on the journey toward the goal we’ve established for ourselves. It gives meaning to our time off and comfort to our sleep. It makes everything else in life so wonderful, so worthwhile.”

Each one of us makes choices every day about how we will live our journey. There are many ways we can make that journey more joyful. Think about little things you can do every day to make a difference in how you perceive and experience your life. You deserve it. You owe it to yourself. And no one else is doing it for you! When I leave my home to make my way to my office, I have a choice about the road I travel to reach my destination. When I turn left at the light I commit to joining the rush of traffic on the 101 freeway where I enter a fast paced group of four lanes of cars. Frontage road businesses and sound walls become a blur outside my window. I am focused in flight-fight mode as I drive defensively at speeds of 60-65 mph over the next ten miles before my exit. When I arrive, I take a moment to settle myself and transition into a calm state of being.

But if I make a choice to turn right at the light, I embark on a different journey. Just moments from home, at a leisurely pace of 40 mph, I travel by the wide open spaces of national park land and Boney Mountain ridge. This route is a little longer. Maybe three miles and six or seven minutes. But it is worth my time. I’m able to enjoy the view of this magnificent display of nature and feel a sense of connection to it. I travel through a winding road past pastures where horses graze and hawks fly. Sometimes in the early morning, I encounter thick fog that blankets the valley with a quiet softness. I’m surrounded by tranquil beauty. I drive with my sunroof open to listen to the silence over this journey. When I arrive at my destination, I am in a state of peace.

A simple choice. Turn left. Or turn right. Forget about the destination. Think about the joy of the journey. Take time to enjoy each step of this amazing journey called life. And regarding that final destination, consider this thought from Enoch Powell. “If my ship sails from sight, it doesn’t mean my journey ends, it simply means the river bends.”




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Mar 16 2016

Filling in the Blanks

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3rd eye thought


Even though I don’t know how this will happen, I thank the Universe because…  It is now ________(date) and I am ________(enjoying, looking at, experiencing, earning, etc.) my________(salary of $xxx, recovery, new home, new car, vacation, relationship, etc.) and I feel ________.

Imagine how you would fill in the blanks. Let yourself go wild! And now, do it! Set your intention. Create your affirmation. Make a commitment to accomplish your goal within a certain time period. Be specific. And then focus on it. Imagination lets you see and feel the big picture. Imagination creates the previews of life’s coming attractions. When we use our imagination, we are able to facilitate healing, enhance performance and relieve symptoms of both physical and emotional ailments. Our imagination is not limited to sight, but also uses sound, taste, touch and emotions as well. When we allow our self to go within, we find inspiration and release subconscious limitations. We also learn new skills more quickly. Visualizing your success boosts your confidence and helps you learn to believe in yourself.

All successful individuals have started with a vision. They took the time to set an intention. They imagined and affirmed what they wanted to be, to do and to have. And then they instructed their subconscious mind with clarity and repetition. Once your subconscious mind gets hold of a new thought, it will take over and automatically assume the result is real. If we supply the end results, our subconscious will supply the “how to.” It will show us how to reach that end result. Your subconscious mind is a goal-achieving machine. It is ready and waiting for your conscious direction.

Each time you visualize or imagine your goal, always put yourself in the picture. See yourself involved in the activities of your goal. If you want a new car, imagine yourself driving it. If you want a new relationship, imagine yourself experiencing the feelings it evokes. If you want a new job, imagine yourself actively doing that job. See yourself acting and reacting the way you want to be in the future. It doesn’t matter how you acted today or yesterday. Imagining future success and positive experiences changes your lifescript, or your past programming about the way things are. You realize that you have the power to direct your life.

When you use your imagination, you create choices. And then you create belief in those choices. Realize that other choices are not possible, until they are downloaded as beliefs and perception into the subconscious mind. Until we change the programming, we are not able to see the other choices. We only know what we know. We automatically act out beliefs until we are exposed to other beliefs. Or until we chose to intentionally download new beliefs.

As human beings, all we do is create experiences. There is nothing else we do. In order to create an experience, we must first imagine it. As we focus on what we want, our thought energy has creative power. The subconscious mind accepts whatever we are imagining in our inner world and uses it to create our outer experience of reality.

The world of images is the source of power in our physical world. Imagining what we want is like creating a model before we build the real thing. We need to dream, but dreams are too big to realize all at once. Dreams come a size too large so we can grow into them. They must be broken down into manageable pieces. Pieces which can be created right now. Always think as you wish things to be. Now.

Hypnosis and Therapeutic Imagery are incredibly powerful tools to access the visionary power of your subconscious mind. When your mind is in the Alpha state, you are more creative and focused and better able to imagine your ideal way of being. As you imagine your ideal, you are emotionally connected to that image right Now. The process allows you to speak more clearly to the Universe, because whether you believe it or not, the Universe is listening to your every thought. When you’re filling in the blanks, imagine only the best for yourself and all concerned.



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